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Specification for the SharePoint Solution Installer V2.0

This wiki page captures the requirements and design goals for the next major version of the solution installer. The primary goals of developing a major upgrade is to implement some of the many pending feature requests and to provide full support for SharePoint 2010.

Your are invited to help spec it!

The first version of the Solution Installer was basically created from my own needs back in March 2007 and it has not evolved much since then. Yet, it turned out as a very useful and popular tool in the SharePoint community and many users have submitted great feature requests and code changes over the years. With the arrival of SharePoint 2010 I feel it is about time to give the Solution Installer a major overhaul. But this time I would also like to leverage the CodePlex platform to collaborate with you in the making of it. Our first task is to capture and prioritize the features that should go into the new version. You can help as follows:
  • Review this page and comment on it if you think something could be improved. If you would like to contribute by editing the page then you will need to become a project editor. Please Contact the project coordinator (me) to request this membership along with a short description of the first changes you would like to make.
  • Review and comment the requirements below that are all linked to an item in the Issue Tracker.
  • Submit new feature requests in the Issue Tracker with the title prefix Feature Request:
  • Participate in the V2 discussions linked below in the Discussions section.
- Lars Fastrup, March 31st 2010

Project Status

The project was initiated by lfastrup on March 30th 2010 and is currently in the planning phase. Nothing implemented yet!
First planned release is SharePoint Solution Installer V2.0 Beta1


Use the following discussions to participate and discuss topics related to the design and development of V2.0


The SharePoint Solution Installer V2 should be implemented with the following requirements in mind. Each requirement below is linked to an item in the Issue Tracker allowing you to comment it and vote on it. New requirements may be added from incoming feature requests.

Design Goals


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emzero Apr 1, 2012 at 1:20 AM 
Is this project dead? Are you going to develop the solution installer for Sharepoint 2010?

jnadler Apr 26, 2011 at 7:01 PM 
For what it's worth I just tried jendxb's suggestion. It doesn't take that long and it seems to work fine. Project admins, contact me if you'd like me to commit these changes.

kurtroy Nov 9, 2010 at 5:00 PM 
I agree with jenxdb also. I have an immediate need to upgrade to SP 2010. I do not want to have to go and build my own version of SP Installer with the changes jenxdb listed above. Could a simple upgrade for SP 2010 w/o the new features/interface be created?

ravensorb Oct 21, 2010 at 8:16 PM 
Another feature that would be nice is adding support for custom commands -- for example, if I want to check on the existence of a few assemblies removed from the GAC prior to doing an install, it would be nice to be able to add a command to handle this

Anastasiosyal Sep 6, 2010 at 11:31 AM 
I have to agree with jendxb - An interim compatibility only upgrade sounds well worth the effort rather than aiming for a big bang shiny upgrade, which is also very welcome(!) but it sounds like it will take much more time and effort while in the mean time this tool is unavailable for 2010.

jendxb Jun 7, 2010 at 5:59 PM 
Good Requirements and very practical additions here in the Comments!
On the request re "hiding certain site collections"... can we implement it so that some "logic could be ingested"? E.g. to only show site collections that have a search center configured? A simple xml property won't help to solve the many different requirements people might have to identify the site collections they'd like to hide.

While the new version is in the works... It simply takes no more than 30mins to modify the last official release (not counting testing etc. of course) to make the Installer work on SP 2010 might be worthwhile to release a port of the last version rather than immediately aiming at something that could be months away?

Here are the changes I see are necessary for that port (not claiming completeness):

- SystemCheckControl.IsMOSSInstalled: changed 12 to 14
- @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office Server\14.0";
- buildVersion.Major == 14
- SystemCheckControl.IsWSSInstalled: changed 12 to 14
- @"SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server Extensions\12.0";
- Replaced all "Windows SharePoint Services" with SharePoint 2010 (e.g. SharePoint 2010 Times service")
- replaced 2.0 with 3.5 in ReadMe.html for System Requirements
- Replaced all WSS with SPF
- Replaced all MOSS with SPS
- Replaced all MOSS 2007 with SPS 2010
- Replaced all "Microsoft Office SharePoint Server" with "SharePoint Server"
- Replaced "Windows SharePoint Services" with "SharePoint Foundation"
- Replaced "SharePoint 2007" with "SharePoint 2010"
- Replaced SPTimerV3 with SPTimerV4
- Replaced SPAdmin with SPAdminV4

Btw. the check for SharePoint Server (formerly MOSS) falsely states "true" on Search Server Express

kliemohn Apr 29, 2010 at 4:11 PM 
I just realized that activation dependencies only help (only activate the dependent feature) if the dependent feature is at the same scope. So, activating a site collection feature will not activate a dependent web application feature. In fact, the site collection feature will fail to activate if the dependent web application feature is not active. Given that, I would put the "More control of feature activation -" item as #2 in the list above.

kliemohn Apr 29, 2010 at 5:53 AM 
I like the requirements I am seeing. I have commented on most of the items above (showing my support for most or lack thereof for a couple). In addition to this, I am interested in the following listed in my own order of priority. Some of these issues already existed and some I just added:

* Allow Deployment to Web Application Scoped Features -
* Add configuration flag to hide central administration site -
* Display CAS Policies and GAC Deployment -
* Add configuration flag to hide site collections for my sites -
* Allow re-running the installer to change activation settings -
* Fix scalability issue with web applications containing 1000s of site collections -
* More control of feature activation -