Config file content for deploying a web service without any features

Jan 29, 2015 at 3:41 PM

I wanted to understand the contents of the config file if we were to deploy a Sharepoint solution which does not add any feature at the farm or site level. All it does is to deploy a web service onto Sharepoint.

I have a very old version of the config file that needs to be maintained. This config file does not contain the FeatureScope or the FeatureId element. Neither does it have a FarmFeatureId. Which means essentially, the below elements do not exist in the config file:
<!-- FarmFeatureId: Old way to specify a single farm-level feature
            obsoleted by newer FeatureId key -->
    <add key="FarmFeatureId" value="159B735F-ADD5-45db-A232-BE5AF892B313"/>
      <!-- FeatureId: Feature(s) to install/upgrade/repair
          Either a single GUID, or a semicolon delimited GUID list -->
    <add key="FeatureId" value="159B735F-ADD5-45db-A232-BE5AF892B313"/>
When I build the installer using the 1.2.8 version of the Sharepoint Solution Installer and attempt to deploy it to the Sharepoint server; I get a Null reference exception within the ActivateFeatures command. Can someone help me understand how I can build the installer without the above two parameters being specified?
Sep 8, 2015 at 7:21 PM
Try (new) release 1.2.10