Feature Request

Mar 14, 2008 at 11:50 PM
Edited Mar 14, 2008 at 11:53 PM
would it be possible to have one more level of granularity when a solution already exists?

for instance, consider the following:

- install solution to just 1 of 5 sites
- make changes to you assembly, re-build the wsp
- repair the installation

this works great, as it removes -> adds the solution to the original site.
however what if i just want to add it to another site in the collection, or if i want to remove it from one site, but not all sites?

I propose the ability to select which sites you wish to remove the solution from, as well as a third option: Install to new site. (i suppose repair can function as-is: is there a significant case for needing to repair a solution on one site, but not all sites, in the collection?)

and then, of course, is the command-line-only version. perhaps an msbuild-like xml-based config? ;-)

annd, that is all, i fear :)

it's likely that i will go ahead and make these changes if i get the free time, and you guys don't, as we will likely use this as a production deployment method for our web parts/site templates.

also, is there an easy way to change the grayed text in the lower left-hand corner? in the old WSPBuilder templates this was modified, and i suspect directly in the code, but i was just curious if perchance there were a sneaky .config setting for this. (i know i'm lazy and haven't looked at the code :-. )